5 most likely reasons your diet is failing (and how to succeed)

5 most likely reasons your diet is failing (and how to succeed)

There is nothing worse than focusing on eating well and exercise only to find the scales refuse to budge. It is demotivating and frustrating and can be enough to see many of us throw in the towel altogether. So before you lose complete faith, keep in mind that in many cases a slight pinch to the mix of meal timing, calorie intake, type of diet and focus is all that can be required to give you the weight loss results you desire.5 most likely reasons your diet is failing (and how to succeed).


Here are some of the most common details my clients find they are not losing weight, and the simple changes you can brand to get your weight loss back on track.


It is the wrong diet for you

We are all different which means that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ model for weight control. Some of us will need to eat relatively low amounts of carbs, others more protein while others more calories to adequately fuel their body for training. If you are not enjoying your food, if you are not feeling full and content after meals and if you have a lot of trouble sticking to something, chances are it is the wrong diet for you.


Solution – take time to consider which dietary approaches have worked for you in the past and what will fit into your lifestyle. Generally speaking lowering your carbohydrate intake is a good starting point but if that is not giving results maybe it is time to try fasting or a low calorie plan for a couple of weeks to get things moving.


You are not eating enough

When clients are keen to drop just a few kilos, often the issue is not eating enough simply as we have been automatic to equate losing weight with eating less. When you are already quite active and only have a few kilos to lose, often we need to eat more of the right foods at the right time to adequately fuel our bodies and not leave ourselves vulnerable to hunger and overeating later in the day.


Solution – if your diet contains fewer than 1200 calories it may be too low in energy, and remember that you need to add in at least 100-200 calories for every hour of training you include.



5 most likely reasons your diet is failing (and how to succeed)




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